Indonesian based graphic artist and illustrator

Focuss on traditional and digital method of drawing

All work inspired from traditional batik and asian pattern

Selected Client


American NTVS (US)

AES 1975 (Brazil)

American Socks (Barcelona)

Bike Play (Aus)

Bestia Fight Gear (Canada)

Brown Cow Coffee (US)


Dark Side Clothing (Derby)

Degenerate Clothing (US)

Dirty Players (AUS)

Dynamic Style Clothing (UK)

Evil Soul (UK)

Fate Fell Co (UK)

Fruit Tea (Indonesia)

Ghost And The Darknes (NY) 

Haru Clothing (Italy)

Heaven 45 (Italy)


High Dive Apparel (England)

Hit Or Miss Clothing (UK)

Hole Hearted (UK)

InkAddict (US)

J4N1 (Italy)

United Power Clothing (Spain)

Kingless Clothing (California)

Korubo Wear (Spain)

Lolife (UK)

Loftee Apparel (UK)

Lost World (UK)

Mind Strong Clothing (Chicago)

NFSco (UK)

Noble Collective (Texas)

Offend Brand (Paris)

Palembang Heritage (Ina)

Pyre CLimber (UK)

Rawh Brand (US)

Set 4 Lyfe (Canada)

Stay Cold Apparel (UK)

Storm Before The Calm (German)

Thug Nine (Brazil)

Uncool Nation (Argentina)

Velveteen Stabit (Lancaster)


Attila (US)

Bulletproof Scale (UK)

Burn The Vanity (US)

Diary Of Destruction (France)

Dreamkiller (Aus)

Erasi (US)

Fall City Fall (Canada)

Gathering Of the Vibes (Music Festival)

Groove Street Families (UK)

Make Them Suffer (Aus)

Mutant Squad (Spain)

Nadal (France)

Lifehouse (Los Angeles)

Post Offense (France)

The Last Remark (Canada)

Vanquish (UK)